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Education in the disease of addiction is paramount in the process of recovery. Many of us have tried to quit on our own, only to relapse and often ending up in worse shape than before. We think (as do our loved ones) that all we have to do is have the willpower to quit and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple and that's not only frustrating for the addicted individual but also for spouses, significant others and family members.

While the main goal is to help heal the addicted individual, we also assist couples and families in understanding the dynamics of how addiction effects everyone in negative and unhealthy ways. Often, relationships sour and families are torn apart with dysfunction due to the addicts behavior.  We often say "when the addict is sick, the whole family is sick too". 

Therefore, it is recommended that in addition to the addicted individual, family members also engage in treatment in order to regain health and stability in their own lives and to be better equipped to help their loved one recover from this disease.  

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